The active rehabilitation approach for your problems!


Individual physiotherapy


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Occupational therapy for children 

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Open workshops

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Because we like our clients, we don't want them back unnecessarily.

We build our rehabilitation approach on active rehabilitation, when the client is the partner and active part of the rehabilitation process. We trust this is the way to get the long term results and solution of the problem. We have developed our work to bring the best results in last ten years. We focus on developing healthy and long term habits (Habit Training Concept) during the therapy, which helps continuous pozitive progress of body health. We have experienced and hight educated team. We provide physiotherapy and occupational therapy, group lessons, workshops and activities for companies. We are Hub of active rehabilitation. 

What are our advantages

  • Short order period
  • Evening dates
  • Experienced team
  • Effective exercises
  • Encouraging of healthy habits

You can find us here